Help! My Nokia N95 Won't Boot Up!

I managed to knacker up my Nokia N95 so it wouldn't boot up and just showed the Nokia logo. The logo flashed on and off every now and then as if it was stuck in a loop in the boot up process. This was completely my fault as I was messing about hacking the software, but anyway, you might find this helpful if you're in the same boat.

Are you sure it won't start? Have you left it booting up for 10 minutes?

If it eventually starts, try uninstalling or reinstalling any recently installed software. In particular, Windows Live Messenger. I have had a problem where the phone hangs for five or ten minutes at startup after uninstalling Windows Live Messenger. But re-installing cures the problem. I haven't worked out why this is yet, but I'll post it here when I have.

If it really won't start...

Firstly, see if it's something on the memory card causing the phone not to start up. Remove the battery to power the phone off, then remove the memory card and then try powering the phone up again without the memory card. If it boots up ok, use this oportunity to do a backup, just in case. Replace the memory card while the phone is on, and run a backup. (Tools, Utilities, Memory, Options, Backup phone memory). Obviously if you have a Nokia N95 8Gb model or you don't have a memory card, you can't do this.

If it boots up without the memory card, fine, something is buggered on there. You can replace the memory card with the phone on, and try removing and re-installing any software you've installed recently that might have caused the problem. If you can't pin it down, you'll have to copy all your pictures and stuff onto your computer, format the memory card, then copy your stuff back. Just copy your pictures and music and stuff, not the system folders or the problem will probably remain after formatting. Once it's back up and running again, reinstall any software you had on your memory card.

But if removing the memory card doesn't fix the problem, the possible way to fix it is to do a hard reset. Doing this will reset all your settings and remove all additional software you've installed on the phone's memory. Do this by entering *#7370#, or in the case that the phone won't boot up at all, the 3 button reset, which does the same thing. If the phone is stuck at the Nokia logo like mine was, take the battery off, leave it off for a few seconds, then replace the battery. Now hold down the green button, * key, and 3 key at the same time, while turning the phone on. Keep the buttons held, and the phone will restore it's C drive. Everything stored on the memory card will be safe though.

You can then restore your data from a previous backup after the hard reset. You have been doing a regular backup, haven't you?

Hopefully it'll be working again now.