Effectively Block Callers On Nokia N95

Ok, this is a bit of a cheat. I've found that it's simply not possible to block certain nuisence callers with the Nokia N95's standard software. I've also found my service provider totally unable or unwilling to help. It's probably possible to block or reject certain callers using some additional symbian software, but having just re-formatted my phone after having ruined it for the zillionth time, I'd prefer not to be installing third party software.

The Usual Suspects

08450554454 is Kitchens Direct who have been phoning me for months and refuse to take me off their list.

08454122750 and 08454122700 is either T-Mobile, or as I suspect more likely, someone pretending to be T-Mobile trying to play one of those scams where they sell you an "upgrade" but actually somehow sign you up for another contract. Anyway, they call me 3 times in a row, exactly ten minutes apart. If you ever answer this call, it's just infuriating silence.

01254277054 is someone apparently called GM Connect who has had me on their nuisence calling list for ages.

This is the best solution I've found to Kitchens Direct calling me from 08450554454, along with silent calls from 08454122750 and 01254277054. AARGH! They make me so ANGRY!

By the way, simply type the nuisence caller's number into Google and usually you'll find loads of other people complaining about the same number, along with who it might be.

  • First, download this silent mp3 and save it to your phone memory, using your USB cable, or bluetooth, or whatever.
  • Then, store the nuisence-caller's number in your phone memory.

    Nokia N95 Spam Contact
  • Select the nuisence caller from the Contacts menu, then go to Options, Ringing Tone, and scroll down to select silence.mp3. (Download this file above).

    Nokia N95 Edit Contact Nokia N95 Select Ringtone

Unfortunately, you'll still get the missed calls from them showing up on the screen and in the call log, but it beats getting woken up in the middle of meetings.