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MPG Calculator for Android

MPG Calculator for Android is an app that keeps track of your fuel usage, economy and mileage, and produces a summary of your mileage and miles per gallon, along with charts to show your progress.

MPG Calculator is a free app with ads. Optionally purchase the MPG Unlocker License Key app from the Play Store to remove ads and enable additional features..

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Current Version 1.5.4 (03 July 2014)

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MPG Calculator for Android

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MPG Calculator is split into three tabs, Edit Record, View Data, and View Summary.

Simply enter the Litres, Fuel Price and Vehicle Mileage on the first tab each time you buy fuel. The date will default to today's date, but you can change it if you're entering details for a fillup you made previously. Each fill-up will appear in the "Data" tab in the form of a table. If you made a mistake, you can delete or edit previous records by long-pressing on them in the "Data" tab. View the "Summary" and "Charts" tabs for summary information on all the data entered for the selected vehicle, such as date ranges, mileage ranges and fuel economy.

Since version 1.3.0, multiple vehicles are supported. Select "Vehicle List" from the main menu to change vehicle. A completely separate set of data is stored and summarised for each vehicle. Vehicles can be renamed by long-pressing on the vehicle in the "Vehicle List". The data export and import also now supports multiple vehicles, including vehicle names. (See Data Export below). Importing a previous version export file will simply assign all the data to the first default vehicle. The currently selected vehicle is displayed at the bottom of the first screen.

Premium Fuel (Ad-free version only)

Since version 1.4.2, fuel records have a "Premium Fuel" flag. These are indicated in the data list by an asterist next to the litres. The total MPG per vehicle is calculated separately for normal and premium fuel types, so you can compare how well your vehicle responds to premium fuel, and whether it's worth the extra cost.

Note: The MPG calculations in the data list will only be correct if you fill the tank completely each time.

Data Export

UPDATE: since version 1.2.1, the export process displays a message specifying where the export is saved. I've had quite a few queries about this since more modern phones (newer versions of android) with built-in storage might place the file in different places.

The data can be exported to the SD card for use in a spreadsheet or as a backup or if you are changing phones. Data can be imported back in later, and will overwrite the current database, so be careful! The file format is a standard CSV file and the columns are as follows:

Two record types are included from version 1.3.0 onwards. The first column specifes the record type. M for a mpg record, and V for a vehicle record.
1) Record TypeSet this to M for a MPG type record.
2) LitresFloating point number of litres.
3) PPLFloating point pence per litre.
4) DateEpoch date. A long integer specifying number of milliseconds since Epoch date. (1/1/1970). Note: this is milliseconds, not seconds
5) MileageFloating point total mileage.
6) VehicleWhich vehicle this MPG record relates to. 0 is the first vehicle, up to a maximum of 4 (fifth vehicle).
7) Premium Fuel1 = Premium Fuel, 0 = Normal
1) Record TypeSet this to V for a vehicle record.
2) Vehicle ID0 is the first vehicle, up to a maximum of 4 (fifth vehicle).
3) Vehicle NameVehicle name.

Features To Come

Features planned for future versions

  • Dropbox/Google Drive sync - use Dropsync or similar along with option to set the output folder



  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Cost per mile split by premium/normal fuel (Ad-free version)
  • Fuel cost chart shows premium/normal fuel (Ad-free version)


  • Bug fix - menu items not refreshing data


  • MPG Calculator for quick one-off calculations (in main menu)


  • Setting to change location of export file


  • Premium fuel analysis


  • Auto-export - backup to SD card automatically. (Ad-free version)
  • Improvements to menu


  • All icons re-added to allow for all densitiies of screen. (Sharper icons on newer high density phones).
  • Details of last fillup on front tab.
  • Many layout changes.
  • Supports unlocker app to remove ads and possibly additionally features in future releases.
  • Removed unused assets.
  • Allows entry of price in pence or pounds.
  • Display current vehicle on each tab.
  • Many other minor tweaks.


  • Tweaks to the charts.


  • Added total mileage over time graph.


  • Works on tab size screens.


  • Multiple vehicle support
  • Fixed chart scaling
  • Optimisations. Memory leak fixed.


  • Export function now specifies location of export file. (Not always the same place on newer android devices with build in storage, or multiple user accounts)


  • Fixed bug: Average cost per mile fixed


  • Added average cost per mile


  • Support for a change of vehicle with a lower mileage


  • A teeny weeny bug fix :-)


  • Better support for small screens


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fix MPG graph bug


  • Added more analysis fields
  • Fuel price and MPG Charts (Froyo and Donut only)


  • Data export/import


  • Help and update information
  • Other UI changes
  • Email support
  • More input validation


  • Minor wording changes and instructions update


  • First public release


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