How To Take Screenshots on the HTC Desire

How to take screenshots of the HTC Desire Android phone using the DDMS tool included with the Android SDK. This works on non-rooted HTC Desire phones on Windows PCs.

I've been fiddling about trying to work out how to take screenshots on my HTC Desire using the DDMS tool included with the Android SDK. It seems the USB drivers included with the SDK currently don't work with the HTC Desire, so the phone doesn't show up in the DDMS tool. Here's how to get it to work.

First download and install Java SE.

Next, download and install the Android SDK. Extract it to a folder on your computer and run the SDK Setup program as instructed.

USB Debugging setting in Android

Turn on USB Debugging in the phone menu in Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging.

Plug the USB cable into your HTC Desire and install the USB drivers as prompted. If Windows won't find the drivers, browse for them in the usb_driver folder in your newly installed Android SDK.

If you still can't get the Android drivers to recognise your HTC Desire, try installing the HTC Sync software that should have come with it on the micro SD card. If you've deleted it, you can download it again from HTC web site.

Finally, if you've got the drivers correctly installed, and the phone plugged in, run the DDMS tool in the tools folder in the SDK directory. You should then be presented with Dalvik Debug Monitor and your HTC Desire should be in the list in the top left.

Dalvik Debug Monitor screenshot

If it does, press Control-S and you should be able to copy or save your stunning HTC Desire screenshots!