Gingerbread Android 2.3 based ROM now available for HTC Desire

Dec 2010

Finally, the first publicly available Gingerbread (Android 2.3) based ROM is ready for download for the HTC Desire. Oxygen 2 is the first, and has been one of the cleanest pared down ROMs in its previous Froyo based guise.

Head here to download this fantastic ROM from XDA Developers for early adopters!

HTC Desire Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM <- Oxygen 2

You'll notice the new black/green/orange theme along with the flat and square looking buttons. Animation appears super-smooth and you will also notice listviews appear to bounce at the top and bottom with an orange flash. Other changes new for Android 2.3 include vastly improved android keyboard and text input, the new task management.

Aside from being the first Gingerbread based ROM for the HTC Desire, Oxygen ROM is well worth trying. It includes a Google apps downloader (it doesn't include Google apps by default) and its own updater like one in CyanogenMod that notifies you of new Oxygen ROM versions and downloads and installs them for you.

It's not the biggest step forward of all the Android versions, but Gingerbread is all full of small but welcome improvements!

Download it NOW!

Android gingerbread screenshot Android gingerbread screenshot Android gingerbread screenshot