How To Install Notifications And Ringtones On The T-Mobile G1

One way of setting an mp3 as your ringtone on the T-Mobile G1 is to find the mp3 in the music player library, then long-press it and set it as your ringtone. But if you want your own various ringtones or notification tones to show up properly in the settings menu, follow the instructions below.

It took me a bit of fiddling to find out how to do this properly, but here's how to install your own mp3 or ogg files as ringtones, notification tones (for SMS etc) or alarm tones on the T-Mobile G1.

  • If you are in the settings menus already, press the Back button repeatedly until you're right out of the settings menus.
  • Connect your G1 to your computer using your USB cable and mount the SD card so you can view the files on your computer.
  • Make three folders in the root directory of the SD card as follows:


  • Fill the folders listed above with your mp3 or ogg sound files. Make sure the mp3 or ogg filesnames aren't really long or they won't fit in the tone lists on the G1's small screen.
  • Unmount the drive properly so you don't risk messing up your G1's SD card, then disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Depending on your firmware version, you might see the G1 "Preparing SD Card". Wait for that to finish.
  • Now see if the new sound files appear in the Phone ringtone and Notification ringtone menus in your settings menus. If they don't, back out of the menus again, and wait a few minutes, then try again.

That's all folks.