T-Mobile G1 Missing Voice Dialling

Where's the voice dialling feature on my T-Mobile G1?

There should be a Voice Dialling feature in the main menu, but there's no sign of it there on my G1. It should also be possible to press and hold the green call key to bring up the voice dialling feature, but that doesn't work either on my G1. All that does is display the call log and call the most recently caller number.

You have the same problem? Are you using a UK version of the T-Mobile G1 the same as I am? I think the reason the voice dialling is missing is because it's been designed to work with American accents and doesn't really work with English accents. How annoying. (The fact that it doesn't work, not American accents.)

If you download the US version of the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) manual, it says the feature should be there, but the voice dialling paragraphs are missing from the manual that was hidden away on my G1's SD card. It's also missing from the UK HTC Magic manual, which I assume would be the same. I did actually phone T-Mobile to ask why my G1's voice dialling feature was missing and was told to phone HTC. I did phone HTC, on multiple occasions, who assured me the feature should be there and were baffled by the absence of the icon in my menu. They assured me they'd call me back, which of course they did not.

I've had the latest Cupcake update (1.5) and the voice dialling feature is still missing so I guess we're left waiting for another software update in the UK to enable this feature.

Please let me know if you know otherwise, and I'll post it here.

Update: I've just installed Voice Search from the Android Market which offers the ability to search Google by speaking. And that works great, so why can't it work for Voice dialling? AARGH!

From US T-Mobile G1 Manual

Why can't we have this in the UK?!! :-(

Voice Dialling From US Manual