Voice Search Missing From HTC Desire

Voice Search is one of the best features of Google's Android operating systems, yet it seems to be missing from some but not all of the HTC Desire handsets sold in the UK. And the Search By Voice app by Google Inc. is missing from the Android Market when you search for it on the HTC Desire. How odd. Why's is missing?

I've no idea, but here's the app you need to install Voice Search on the HTC Desire.

First, make sure Unknown Sources is ticked in the Applications menu on your Desire. Then, visit this page on the web browser on your phone and click at the bottom. Once it's downloaded, click it from the download list on your phone and you will be prompted to install it.

Voice search added to Google Search desktop widget

This will then enable the microphone icon in the Google Search desktop widget, and the Voice Search feature when you hold down the Search key. Other useful features include the Voice Search feature in the Nav Launcher app which launches the newly enabled (in the UK at least) Google Navigation.

Happy searching!

Install Voice Search App


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Possibly the most awesome work around ever!!!!! screw google and their 'fingerprint' woo

Posted by Tyron on Friday, 14/05/10 @ 23:05pm | #249

Brilliant, works a treat, thanks. I had to reboot the phone to get the voice search added to Navigation though in case anyone is having trouble with that.

Posted by Jamie on Friday, 21/05/10 @ 10:12am | #266

Works a treat!! Thanks.

Posted by DJ on Friday, 28/05/10 @ 21:00pm | #297

thanks works a treat

Posted by saj on Monday, 31/05/10 @ 10:34am | #302

Perfect, just what I've been looking for, thanks.

Posted by Taffman on Sunday, 6/06/10 @ 16:31pm | #306

thanks for posting this, what a nice and easy work around. After days of trying to find the app on the android market I had almost given up. No clue why HTC would not want us to enjoy this awesome feature on the phone

Posted by okiedog on Thursday, 10/06/10 @ 02:44am | #315

Works great!!!
Does anyone have an idea how to get it enabled for sms on the HTC desire?

Posted by Badre on Monday, 14/06/10 @ 02:06am | #321


Yes, you need to install HTC_IME mod which is a modified version of the HTC keyboard. Google it. If you can't sort it, give me a shout and I'll help you.

Posted by Jack Frost on Monday, 14/06/10 @ 09:04am | #322

Hi , has anyone had this problem with google voice? i have downloaded astro . and put the voice app apk 2.1 also the keyboard with mic ! but when i go into messages and press the mic it goes to touch input settings. any idea what im doing wrong ?. king regards in advance..

PS. im quit knew to android ..

Posted by stuart on Saturday, 3/07/10 @ 18:47pm | #351


Have you turned the pop-up delay value right down? I.e. does it think you're holding the button down to go into the settings? I have mine set quite fast so its quicker to type numbers. (200ms)

Posted by Jack Frost on Saturday, 3/07/10 @ 18:56pm | #352

Works great. Thanks!

Posted by Eirik on Thursday, 22/07/10 @ 15:16pm | #374

Does this works on a dutch version of the Desire?
Thanks for answer.

Posted by Al on Friday, 23/07/10 @ 12:22pm | #381

Could anyone please tell me how to install voice search on sony ericsson xperia x10.software version is 1.6. Please help

Posted by shahas on Tuesday, 27/07/10 @ 17:46pm | #384

Hi Freaks...
I flashed I7500 wit galaxo 1.6.3
Unable to install this voice search apologise.
Pls help me to use this gr8 feature.

Posted by Bob on Wednesday, 18/08/10 @ 20:23pm | #434

Didn't work for me.

Posted by widehead on Tuesday, 24/08/10 @ 07:55am | #446

doesn't work on Android 1.6. any other ideas?

Posted by steve on Wednesday, 22/09/10 @ 02:14am | #492

Awesome, works perfectly. Greatly appreciate it and I will recommend to my friends

Posted by Kyle on Wednesday, 29/09/10 @ 18:46pm | #509

Wow,really great!
As good as the demo's on froyo 2.2 I have seen on Youtube.
Why isn't this available on the Market?

I use SE Xperia X10 with Android 2.1
Cheers // Radioman

Posted by Radioman on Thursday, 9/12/10 @ 00:08am | #721

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