BetVault Android Matched Betting System

BetVault for Android is a matched betting calculator that calculates your bet/lay stake to guarantee a profit. Bets are logged and analysed in the analysis and profit and loss screens.

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BetVault is a matched bet calculator and logging database.

Matched Bet Calculator

Use the bet calculator to calculate amounts to be wagered when placing matched bets. Matched betting allows you to place two bets, (a bet, and a lay) covering both outcomes. The matched bet calculator tells you exactly how much to lay so that you will make the same profit or loss whatever the outcome.

What's The Point Of That?

To guarantee profits. Many online bookmakers offer free bets as promotions or signup incentives. Sometimes their free bet stake will be returned with any winnings, sometimes not. Enter the free bet amount and whether or not the stake is returned into the calculator to see exactly how much to lay and how much profit is guaranteed.

How Do You Lay Bets?

Place the bet at an online bookmaker, and lay the bet at a betting exchange. This way, you can cover both outcomes of a sporting event. Betting exchanges include Betfair, Betdaq and WBX.

More Info

Loads more information on matched betting is available on the Internet. Search for Matched Betting.
Matched Betting.

Features To Come

  • Bet logging and profit and loss screens are to come.



  • Fix speeling mistake


  • First release


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