How To Change User Agent In Android Browser

Here's how to change the User Agent String reported by Android's default browser. You can change it to masquerade as an iPhone or a desktop browser in the user agent string reported to websites in its HTTP requests.

Check what your browser is currently reporting as your user agent below...

Why Would You Want To Change The User Agent String?

Some websites will redirect you to a special "mobile" version of the site if your Android handset reports that it's an Android handset. You might want to view the proper desktop version, as I'm sure your phone's browser is more than capable of that. Some websites assume your mobile browser isn't capable of working with JavaScript of flash, or you might be debugging different versions of your own website for desktop or mobile users.

Changing The User Agent String

Simply enter about:debug into the address bar of your Android browser. (Make sure you remove the http://www so you just have about:debug in there.) You won't see a web page displayed but your browser will now have entered debug mode and some new settings will appear. Amongst other new settings, you should now have UAString near the bottom of your Browser Settings menu. From there, you can choose from Android, Desktop or iPhone. Unfortunately you can't enter your own UAString in there. For some reason, bookmarking this doesn't work for me on my HTC Desire, you have to enter it in manually, or pick it from the browsing history.

This will work only for a single browsing session and will then revert to the default user agent string after restarting the Android browser. If you want to alter the user agent setting permanently you'll have to install an alternative browser such as Dolphin or another Android browser. Currently you can't do this with the stock Android browser, although I'm not sure why you'd want to do that for more than one browsing session anyway.

Your User Agent String Is Currently:

CCBot/2.0 (

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