Android GMail App Not Sending / Gmail Won't Send

Has Android's built-in GMail app on your Android phone stopped sending properly? Here's the solution. I've had this problem a couple of times in the past where some some emails won't send, they just sit there in the outbox, with Sending in red on them. Very annoying. Sometimes no emails will send at all, and sometimes just some don't send. Another symptom of the problem is that sometimes some mail labels show new messages when there are no new messages, or emails just appearing in drafts without you putting them there.

I've had the problem when using the standard ROM and the Cyanogen ROM, so that proves the problem is with the app.

Try clearing the GMail app's cache. This worked for me. You will lose any unsent emails in your outbox.

Solution: How To Fix Gmail Not Sending

Go to the Settings menu, and then to Applications, then Manage Applications.

Find the Google Mail and Google Mail Storage entries. Open the Google Mail one. Press Clear data, and OK to the prompt.

Now go back and do the same with Google Mail Storage.

Google mail - clear cache Google mail storage - clear cache Wait for google mail app to refresh

Now, when you re-load the GMail app, you will see "Your email will appear shortly", and when it does, hopefully it should be fixed.