Attach Any File Types To Email In Android GMail

Aug 2010

The built-in Android GMail client won't attach any files other than pictures from the gallery. Pretty annoying, but there are ways around this. Here's how to attach any type of file to an email using the standard GMail client.

This is a major limitation, and I'm not sure why they've made it like this. One way to attach any file type is to install and use another email client app of which there are many, but I you might just want to stick with the standard GMail program.

Install AttachEmail, which you will find for free in the Android Market. This is a simple but essential little app that allows you to select one file from your SD card, and starts a new email with that file as an attachment.

A slight limitation is that you can only attach one file, but it's still a brilliantly simple and useful app. Why doesn't the built-in client do this?

Choose file to attach to email Choose what to attach the file onto File attached to email


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Thanks for this post!!! I've been trying to figure out how to attach non-image files through the Gmail app. I really wonder why Google didn't put such a feature in the app.

Posted by rainai on Sunday, 3/10/10 @ 12:04pm | #517

Thanks for review :)

The Pro version support multiple-file attachment and zip function. New update also can save attachments from GMail.

Posted by gasolin on Monday, 20/06/11 @ 02:19am | #1348

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