Android Audible Selection Volume Really Loud!

Has your audible selection touchscreen click tone suddenly gone really loud? Have you been using Google Maps Navigation on your Android phone?

There is an issue with Google Maps Navigation that causes the Audible Selection volume to adjust itself to full volume for no apparent reason. There is no way to adjust this particular volume setting in the Sound & Display settings. The way to fix it is to install a third party volume control app and adjust it from there. I can recommend the Volumer++ app for this, which you can find for free download in the Android Market. There are also other volume control apps that will do the job. Install that and then turn down the System Volume. This is the volume control you can't access normally, and also affects the camera shutter volume.

This volume setting will stay even when you reboot the phone, and you can uninstall the volume control app once your done too.

Simple as that.

Android audible selection volume