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Get Rid Of Amazon MP3 Android App

Kill Amazon MP3

Here's how to get rid of that infuriating Amazon MP3 app that you can't uninstall from the Manage Applications menu.

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HTC Desire vs T-Mobile G1 Comparison

HTC Desire vs T-Mobile G1. A brief comparion of the spec of the HTC Desire and T-Mobile G1 Android smart phones with pictures.
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Android Audible Selection Volume Really Loud!

Has your audible selection touchscreen click tone suddenly gone really loud? Have you been using Google Maps Navigation on your Android phone? Here's the solution.

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Android GMail App Not Sending / Gmail Won't Send

Has the built-in Gmail email app for your Android phone stopped sending properly? Here's the solution.

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Rooting Android 1.6 Donut To CyanogenMod

Cyanogen Logo

Rooting a UK T-Mobile G1 which had Android 1.6 Donut on, and installing the latest CyanogenMod ROM (4.2.14). Here is what all the fuss is about and what you'll find if you decide install CyanogenMod.

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Google Maps Navigation Blocked In UK

Infuriatingly, Google have just blocked access to the Google Maps Navigation android app in the UK. Hopefully we can find a way round this soon!

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Move Apps To The SD Card In Android CyanogenMod

How to get your apps moved across to the SD card so you can enjoy the ability to install effectively as many apps as you like. This method works straight from the phone, you don't need any extra partitioning software...

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Google Maps Navigation Review UK

The new Google Maps app for Android includes turn by turn speech navigation and 3D mapping! A proper free Google Sat Nav app! Hooray!

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More Essential Free Android Apps

Some more essential free android apps, all available on the Android Market. Hopefully you'll find one or two apps you haven't seen before and will give them a try!

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10 Essential Free G1 Android Market Apps

Android Market

A list of 10 of the best free Android apps for the T-Mobile G1. Some are superb applications, some essential little tools, either way, you they're FREE so you MUST download them!

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Android/G1 Car Wallpapers

Here are a selection of car wallpapers scaled to fit the small screens of the G1/Android handset. Porsche 911, Lamborghini Murcielago, Reventon, Gallardo...

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New Features In Android 1.6 Firmware

The new Android Firmware version 1.6, nicknamed Donut, has now been released. This page lists the great new features you'll find in version 1.6.

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Encoding/Converting Video For G1

How to encode/convert videos to work on the T-Mobile G1 Android Googlephone and earlier generation Android smart phones. Great quality results, using the SUPER video encoder. Which is FREE!

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Android Market Refunds

I found out to my expense that you can't get a refund from Android Market if you buy an app twice!

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T-Mobile G1 Android Data Roaming

If you're preparing to travel and you want to avoid a shocking phone bill, you'll be interested to read this page about International Data Roaming and the T-Mobile G1

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T-Mobile G1 Camera Sample Photos

Sample images and camera details and spec for the Android T-Mobile G1 Googlephone / HTC Dream. Camera quality review

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How To Install Notifications And Ringtones On The T-Mobile G1

Instructions on how to manually install your own mp3 and ogg files as custom notifications, alarms and ringtones on the T-Mobile G1.

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T-Mobile G1 Missing Voice Dialling

The voice dialling feature of the T-Mobile G1 is missing. Where is it?! Missing voice dialling.

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